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Meet Dr. Broderick

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John P Broderick, DC



Dr. John Broderick is an experienced and compassionate chiropractor with offices in Lowell and North Andover, Massachusetts. The founder of Greater Lowell Chiropractic
& Rehabilitation, Dr. Broderick has been in practice for more than 20 years and specializes in auto-related injuries, headaches, neck and back pain, sciatica and sports injuries in athletes ranging from high school to professional athletes. He utilizes various modalities and techniques including, Multiradiance Super Pulsed Laser, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Thompson Drop and other soft tissue therapies.

Dr. Broderick attended the University of Massachusetts Lowell before completing his Doctorate of Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, New York. He returned to Lowell and opened Greater Lowell Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in 2001. Dr. Broderick was inspired to become a chiropractor after he was injured in a car accident in his early 20s and was brought back to health through chiropractic care. He is passionate about the health and wellness of his patients and does everything he can to get patients out of pain without the need for drugs or surgery.

Dr. Broderick utilizes state-of-the-art technology to help measure and document his patients’ injuries with precision. He utilizes an FDA cleared technology called CRMA, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, and is one of only a handful of practitioners in New England that are certified in the DynaRom Motion EMG system that helps objectively quantify impairment ratings.

Dr. Broderick and his team strive to create a family-oriented environment where patients can feel comfortable and receive trustworthy care. His mission “is to put care back into healthcare and add value with each patient encounter. We are here to serve patients and help them get well in the most efficient and compassionate way possible.”

In his free time, Dr. Broderick enjoys spending time with his family, coaching, skiing and playing golf. In fact, he is such an avid golf fan that he completed advanced training to become one of only 20 chiropractors certified to tour with the PGA. He currently serves as a treating physician at the PGA Travelers Championship in neighboring Connecticut.

Dr. Melissa Broderick


Chiropractor and Physician Assistant

Dr. Melissa Broderick has been practicing chiropractic for over 20 years after having graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2002 with her Doctorate of Chiropractic. She has experience treating neck and low back radiculopathies and sciatic pain along with other acute and chronic soft tissue issues in the neck, back and extremities. Dr. Melissa has a strong belief in supporting our bodies natural ability to heal in order to achieve improved health, quality of life and to recover from injuries and chronic conditions through chiropractic care.

Along with her education and experience in chiropractic, Dr Melissa is also a Physician Assistant, having graduated with her Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2010. As a Physician Assistant she has experience in adult and pediatric orthopedics, emergency and urgent care as well as Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Melissa has experience with PRP and stem cell joint injections for acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues as well as Low Level Laser therapy.

Dr. Melissa cherishes time with her family of four, enjoys outdoor sports, a good book and traveling. She is continually learning about how to achieve and maintain health and has a passion for helping others achieve a great quality of life.

Mary Beaudoin


Office Administrator and Chiropractic Assistant

Mary has been with the office since opening in 2020 as the lead Office Administrator and Chiropractic Assistant. She comes with years of experience in the chiropractic field as a Chiropractic Assistant, is passionate about chiropractic and our patients. Mary has an amazing level of organization and knowledge of Personal Injury and health insurance management.

In her off time, Mary enjoys time with her family, is a foodie and has an amazing green thumb. Our plants in the office are happy to have Mary as a part of the time as well!